Wednesday, December 25, 2013

merry christmas: holiday home tour

Merry Christmas! I have been so blessed to be able to have time off to visit my family in Michigan these past few days and enjoy today in my own apartment with my little family. It has been so peaceful and relaxing. Full of delicious food, a handful of Christmas movies, and an excited pup to open her first stocking. Even a bit of Christmas snow fell this morning to dust the ground with a bit of magic and cheer. 

Although I don't have a huge house to decorate, it is always important to me to put Christmas touches wherever I can. Here is what you might see if you popped over for a holiday gathering:

You'd walk into our garden apartment and be greeted with a happy rug and my festive winter boots, which come in handy for all the walking in the city. You'd see practically the entire space of our apartment at once, but you would ask to check out our bedroom and bathroom decor before settling in for treats and chatting. 

Because we have a garden apartment and our door is right off of the sidewalk, we unfortunately don't do wreaths outside. That doesn't mean we don't do them inside though! Our bedroom decor is purple/black/white/silver, so you'll see a lot of white and silver Christmas touches. 

A Christmas card from an artist that I took and framed. Love those simple things!

An apartment usually means that space is limited and every area counts. You'd find our bathroom is no exception. Holiday soaps and lotions and a window ledge full of quaint decor deck our bathroom space. 

Leaving our back rooms and re-entering the main space gives you a glimpse of our tree. The best view, of course, is from the bed to see the twinkling lights.

Our stockings hang on a ledge decked with my snow globe collection. Our Christmas tree is fairly classic, with reds and greens and golds, but includes personal favorite ornaments that have strong memories, like from our travels or from family. 

Our living room, dining space, and kitchen are all connected. Because of this, we can't go overboard with decor, but you'll see lots of charming touches here and there.

Yes, we have one big tree and two small ones. <3

Our visit would end, or really just begin, with something from the coffee bar area and getting cozy on the couch with just the Christmas lights on. I love our "coffee bar" although I would love to kick it up a notch. Grabbing a cocoa, tea, or coffee is so perfect for this time of year though, and I think you'd agree.

Our first Christmas in this apartment has been so sweet. I'm sure you'd love this view with me too. <3

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