Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Weekend in the Life of Sophie

Last weekend after 6 months of not seeing our families, we finally were able to make the trek to Michigan for a visit. It was a weekend of firsts - first time driving in Chicago, first time renting a car, and first time taking Sophie in a car and away from her city life.

(A lot of this happened - trying to sneak in baby naps because she was so much more active than normal.)

Here's the weekend in the life of Sophie, from her perspective. I think she enjoyed herself. 

On a Thursday evening, after a very early dinner, my parents ran around the house like crazy, carrying and moving lots and lots of things (why do they need so much stuff?). I really didn't know what was going on, but I followed them everywhere and tried to run up the steps and out the door a few times. They caught me every time though, and picked me up and made silly faces. I don't really understand them, but I kiss them anyways.

I was then put into a car. I don't really know what that is or remember being in one before, even though my mom told me I did once. Although I had my bed in the backseat, my mom's lap was far more interesting! I hardly sat or laid down. Instead I kept moving around trying to peek out windows and see what dad was doing in the front seat. There was a lot of lights and honking cars. What's the hurry? I loved all the action though. Eventually I laid down, with bribes of bones, and fell asleep. 

I got to get out of the car and run around a few times during the ride, but we eventually stopped at a big house in a little town. No sidewalks or trains or other distractions. Drat. I met my aunt (she's nice!) who took me in her house and showed me her family, including my favorite member of all: her dog Rolo. Although I only got to say hi for a few minutes, the next few days were bliss. I may be tiny and he may be strong, but playtime with him is my favorite. I will follow him anywhere.

When I did get to be at the house with him, we had so much fun! I ran around his backyard without a leash (freedom! mud! chasing!); I missed him when we had to be apart (gosh I hate parents sometimes); I pawed at him constantly because all I wanted to do was play (it was the only way to get his attention); I licked one end of his Kong while he licked the other (sharing is caring!). 

My other favorite trick during playtime with Rolo was using my size to my advantage. When he would chase me, I'd run under the glass coffee table where he couldn't reach. It pays to be tiny sometimes! I guess he'd jump on the couch when I'd chase him and I couldn't reach him there. Maybe he figured out his size too...

I learned that playtime with dogs and people is exhausting. I met all of my mom's family (including kids!) and all of my dad's family. I met a lot of people. I ran a lot. I smiled a lot. I was kind of pooped even though I didn't want to say it. I slept really good at night. When I woke up in the early morning hours one day, I discovered my mom's head was next to my head. That never happens! I looked at her sweetly and convinced her to let me be with them. First time in the bed - woo hoo! Alright, the extra snuggles and sleep was nice too. But woo hoo bed!

We made other visits. I have become a traveling pro. I tried to be really polite with everyone I met. I loved my uncle. I got to play on the computer and watch YouTube. Awesome! My parents never let me do that.

Eventually my mom and dad said it was time to go and say good-bye to everyone. I was so sad. But then they said we'd be back next month. Happy again! 

We drove in a crazy, crazy storm. Mom was scared and held me a little tight. I didn't mind. Dad wanted an apple pie. We watched as mom went to get him one. I saw all the scary clouds and heard the wind. I finally was ready to be home.

We made it back late. I took a nap in the comfort of my own home. On the couch. Spread out. Leaving mom without a seat. What can I say? I was comfy.

After a night of real rest, I was back to my usual self at home. Stealing socks. Wrinkling my forehead. Feeling defeated when mom and dad took the things I've found. 

Oh well. Life is good.

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