Tuesday, September 17, 2013

project 365: august/september

I challenged myself to take a photo a day as part of my "25 Things to Do While I'm 25" list. I love photos and memories and moments, but often forget to stop and take the time to snap a photo. 

I miraculously have kept up with a photo a day this past month since my 25th birthday. Some days I have a hard time remembering or am not sure what to photograph, but I always came up with something. It was fun to see the beauty or uniqueness in something that I wouldn't otherwise normally appreciate. 

Evidently my trend in photographs are food and my new puppy Sophie, who always has me laughing and full of love. 

Check out my past month below. This is a fun way to document life! (Click each photo to enlarge it.)

If you were taking a photo a day for a year, what would you photograph? Any suggestions or requests? I might need them!

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