Tuesday, August 13, 2013

dandelion canvas art

We have been in our garden apartment for about two and a half months and I am ready for things to be done. Of course, I would go batty if I didn't have a project to work on, but that is besides the point.

Our focus in terms of decorating has been our bedroom first. It's the first room we painted and the first room we put money towards. It is feeling really good. 

It's feeling even better with a little art on the wall:

Because we don't have a headboard, we needed something to brace our bed and create a strong visual. I wanted something as wide as our bed. I have no idea where Jacob got the idea of staggering canvases or including dandelions, but I love it. I Pintrested, he You-Tubed (you like that? oh the modern days!). 

We found this awesome video that taught us how to mottle paint, aka blend colors together. Jacob picked a forest green color, a medium blue, white, and black. Then it is all about the mixing. He jumped right in and made it "right" as he laid down the paint on the canvases. It seemingly worked out that it almost looks landscape like, with greens on the bottom and blues towards the top.

I was in charge of the painting of the dandelions. I searched and looked at photos upon photos and eventually stumbled upon this tutorial of how to paint a dandelion. I tested it out with paper and pen and loved the technique, so that is the one I used.

Jacob and I measured the width of the bed, which is the measurement we wanted our canvas art to fill. We evenly placed the 4 large canvases within the measurement and then laid the 3 small rectangular canvases on top afterwards. We weren't sure how many dandelions to paint, so I sketched the idea we were thinking. It was nice to visualize what our brains were thinking!

I laid all the canvases out on the living room rug and slowly got to work. I used the 2 smallest brushes I owned, but I wish I have something even smaller. My recommendation: go get a few of the teeniest brushes you can find. I used a white acrylic paint and slowly did each step. 

After making each of the 5 dandelions and floaties, I stood farther back to determine if any spot looked empty. A few did, so more floaties were had!

This was a labor of love, and even a trickier bit to hang, but I love how it turned out! The dimension adds a bit of surprise and the colors work so well. I painted the 3 small rectangular canvases the same purple as our walls and added a bit of black in. This tied everything together. Each of the canvases edges were given a coat of black to bring it all together. 

It is an instant "make you smile" piece, and that's exactly what you need in a bedroom!

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