Monday, August 19, 2013

25 Things to Do While I'm 25

At the beginning of the summer, turning 25 wasn't all that distant. I am big on lists and goals and decided one fateful day that I wanted to create another list. This one a little more personal rather than the daily tasks I often write down. A "25 Things to Do While I'm 25" list. I didn't know what might show up on the list and that was okay with me. I was, and am, open to what this coming year brings.

Over the past weeks, a "to-do" would pop in my head while at work, while out with friends, while in my sleep. I would write ideas down or jot them in my "notes" on my iPhone (don't you love technology?).

A few were easy and quick to name, mostly because some of them were in the works and somewhat a reality. Some I got from others. Some came to me in the eleventh hour.

Here are the moments, experiences, feelings, and goals I hope to fulfill throughout the coming year.

25 Things to Do While I'm 25

1. See Michael Buble in concert.
2. Donate my hair to Locks of Love.
3. Get my teeth fixed.
4. Get a dog.
5. Blog six times a month about anything.
6. Tip 100%.
7. See a show at a new theatre.
8. Buy a piece of dragonfly jewelry.
9. Visit the House of Blues.
10. Drink a cup of coffee before it gets cold.
11. Learn to play chess.
12. Be selfish - do something for me once and be okay with it.
13. Go to a bar just to watch a big sports game.
14. Travel somewhere new.
15. Discover what my bar cocktail is.
16. Give myself -- my time, my talent, or my money -- to someone or something that I find meaning in.
17. Walk Out of the Darkness in honor of Tammy.
18. Do Couch to 5k app to the best of my ability.
19. Participate in Project 365 - take one picture every day for the year.
20. Celebrate Oktoberfest with beer in a boot, pretzels, and schnitzel.
21. Build a life, don't just live one.
22. Watch Jurassic Park.
23. Give one meaningful champagne toast.
24. Try three new restaurants or cuisines.
25. Throw a wish (or two) into Buckingham Fountain.

I really can't wait to see what this year brings!


  1. Love it! 25 is 15 days away for me... I am dreading it. I like that you are leaning into it instead. Usually these lists are "25 things to do before you turn 25" which just make me feel depressed, this is much better!

    1. I totally liked this approach better! It's inspiring me to do and learn and be better as a 25 year old. (Instead of just making me feel old!)