Thursday, June 20, 2013

stenciled dresser makeover

I always get so excited for moving and decorating a new place. I just sometimes forget how horrible the moving part can be! We've been in our new apartment for about two and a half weeks. Most everything is settled, but lots of my crafts and scrapbooks are still packed away. 

Our new place is definitely a fixer-upper. We did a lot of wall scrubbing, wall patching, and floor cleaning. In order to not go insanely crazy, we've decided to attack one room at a time. Our first big focus was our bedroom, which is on the smaller side.

I spent our first full weekend patching and painting the walls. It is this gorgeous deep purpley plum color that Jacob thinks is sexy. I'll take it! It's also super calm and sophisticated. (You can have a sneak peek of our wall color in the next shot.)

After painting the walls, I picked the next biggest room project - a dresser makeover. 

I bought this wooden dresser in high school from an antique shop. It's been painted a few times, but this time I wanted it to be fitting with our new space. 

Here is my weekend-long stenciled dresser makeover process:

First things first: Pull out the dresser drawers, take off the knobs, and give the dresser a fresh coat of paint. I stuck with a basic matte black. Excuse the grocery bags. You use what you've got handy!

After giving the drawers a fresh coat of paint, it was time to stencil! I bought the stencil I used from Michaels for around $5. I used in in this decorative box project. I absolutely loved the look then, and figured it would go decently with our damask bedspread.

Grabbing a few things before sitting down in front of Chicago Fire episodes was necessary in order to avoid getting up and down. I grabbed a pouncer paint brush, a paint tray, bright white and tan paint to make a slightly creamy color, double-sided tape, and my stencil. 

The easiest way I found to use the stencil was to put a few small pieces of double-sided tape on the backside. This helped keep the stencil in place while applying paint. If anyone has a suggestion that works for them, please share! I'm always looking for more insight myself. 

I decided to, with much encouragement from Jacob, use the stencil across the entire drawer space. I measured the length of each drawer (25 inches in my case) and make a small mark in the direct center of each drawer. 

I popped my stencil down and started painting away. To view the technique to applying paint on a stencil, view my post on the stenciled boxes. I applied the creamy white to all of the outside bits and the purple that our wall color is to the center. I started with creating the center stencil on each of the 4 drawers. I then completed each drawer one by one. I simply eyeballed the stencil to the left and to the right, with the outer stencils going over the edge of the drawers. 

I love how this looks! It's such a bold look. I have a bit of minor touch-ups to do with black paint, but I figure I can do that whenever I get a moment to breathe. :) I originally had plans to paint the knobs with some purple accents, but ultimately decided against it as I didn't want the knobs to compete with the overall design. 

Completed. It's such a rewarding feeling when you finish a project! The dresser has been moved into the bedroom. Now to just accessorize and add in some decor pieces to accent this beauty.

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