Thursday, June 6, 2013

nail polished keys: make life simpler

My blog and creativity has been neglected as of late. We officially moved into our second Chicago apartment on Sunday and are going through the settling in phase. Our new digs definitely need some work, so I smell some projects, home decor, organizations, and crafts coming on.:)

Our first task when we moved in was get our one set of keys copied. We did in a downpour that trapped us at The Home Depot. At least we had many somethings to look at while we waited for the rain to subside!

The problem when you copy keys is that everything is generic. The problem with living in an apartment is you always have a whole slew of keys (I have 4 from the apartment group and one of my own). I used to have the small colored rubber grippers that went around the top of the keys so you could tell which was which. Mine were too big and were always slipping, making it a mess to try to unlock anything.

Whoever started this brilliant idea of using nail polish on your keys instead: I bow down to you. 

This couldn't be a simpler project. I painted the centers of each key with a contrasting color so it would be easy to identify. I started off with purple, blue, red, and gold. 

I discovered the gold I was trying to use just wouldn't show up, so I changed to a hot pink instead.

See? Pitiful.

In between unpacking a box here and there, I would layer up another coat. I think I did about 3 total to get the full saturation. 


In process.

These turned out perfectly. While I painted them I left there paper backings on and labeled which key went where.


Considering each key went to different things, and sometimes multiple things, I took things a notch further and carefully labeled each of them with a Sharpie. 


Perfect solution to something that shouldn't require much thought!

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