Thursday, May 16, 2013

tutorial: polka dot nails

This was definitely a "Pintrest" discovery, but why haven't I thought of this before?

I painted my nails a gorgeous shade by L'Oreal and decided to rock my ring finger in a sparkly gold. I left it this way for a few days, but wanted to tie the entire look together. I could have painted the tip, but I wanted something fresh. 

Welcome polka dot nails with the aid of a bobby pin. 

I painted all my nails and let them dry completely. All I had to do to make these fun polka dots was dip one tip of the bobby pin into the nail polish brush. Don't add too much polish, otherwise you'll have dots that are slightly gloppy and uneven. I usually got 2 polka dots each time, one a bit bigger and bolder and the other a bit smaller. I love the balance. 

What a fun statement to make! Have you ever used a technique to paint your nails that you wouldn't expect to use?

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