Thursday, March 7, 2013

tassel garland tutorial

I've been at my current job for about 6 months and the only personal thing I've brought to my space is bring in one photo of Jacob and I and a little cactus plant. Pathetic.

In a desperate measure to have more "me" to make me happier during my work day, I decided I needed something to decorate my small space with some diy project. This tissue paper tassel garland is just the charm I needed.

This is inexpensive (a whopping $5 for various tissue paper packs and colors), fairly brainless (I did this during a Duck Dynasty marathon), and the perfect way to fill up a space. 

All you need is tissue paper (mine measured 2 feet x 20 inches), scissors, and ribbon or cording to hang the tassels with. 

Here's how to make the tassels. Once you've mastered one, just keep repeating until you're done!

Take one sheet of your tissue paper. Again, mine was 2 feet by 20 inches. (By the way, this print is to.die.for.)

Fold your piece of tissue paper in half hamburg-style. Cut along your folded line to create 2 separate pieces of tissue paper. Grab one of those pieces and get to work!

Take your piece of tissue paper and fold it in half hamburg-style, then in half hot-dog style. 

In a moment, you'll begin cutting. Before that, fold down the top of your square (the folded part)  approximately an inch. You just do this to create a small crease so you know how far to cut up. Unfold and get ready for the tedious part of this project. 

Cut very small strips from the bottom to the crease line. Work slowly---you don't want to cut off any of the little strips you've already done! After cutting a strip, push it off to the side. I worked from left to right which I thought was easiest.

All cut! Once you've made it all the way through, carefully unfold your tissue paper. 

Once unfolded, cut in half to create two pieces of tissue paper. This will let you have 2 tassels per piece of tissue paper.

Take one of your pieces and begin rolling the tissue paper along the middle. As you roll through the piece, carefully use your fingers to untangle the strands. 

Once you've rolled up the entire piece, start twisting the middle section. Once the middle section is twisted and thinner than before, create a loop by wrapping the two sides around each other at the top. (Like below.)


I went with cream, pink, and this lovely taupe/cream print. I used 1 full sheet of tissue paper in each color to create the 12 tassels below. 

Thread the tassels onto cording or ribbon and hang your garland somewhere that will make you happy. 

I know I sure did. <3

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