Tuesday, March 19, 2013

a little day of luck in the city that i love {st. patrick's day 2013}

This city is seriously so much fun. There is always an adventure waiting to happen. You can never really say "I'm bored" because hello, you have a city waiting at your fingertips. I think that's what I love about this place -- that I will always have something new.

St. Patrick's Day shined pretty bright in my college years in Kalamazoo, but those celebrations have nothing on Chicago.

You haven't truly celebrated till you've come here. The crowds, the green, the chaos, the laughter. Those moments are what make life grand.

Here'a  little sneak peak into our first St. Patty's Day celebration as Chicago residents. 

Some surprise green beer at Cheesies, home of the best grilled cheeses, earlier in the week.

Friday at the office. My boss rocks.

Jacob and I met up with friends at D4 Irish Pub for food and drinks on Friday night and we happily welcomed the weekend. Fish and chips and people watching at its finest. 

Jacob's dad Randy and his fiancee Cathy joined us for the weekend. Saturday morning came quick and we decked ourselves in as much green as possible. Here's a little "what I wore" St. Patty's Day style:

I might not have been able to wear my green glittered shoes from last year, but little bows on my boots would have to do.

A washer DIY bracelet. I loved how my DIY washer necklace turned out, so it was a breeze making more.

With all of us green from head to toe, we headed downtown to watch the Chicago River turn green. It was packed and freezing, but the coolest thing to watch. The best areas were near Michigan Avenue and Columbus Drive. 

The process was lovely to watch, but takes a very long time. We decided we'd venture back around after the crowds lessened for a better look.

With coffee and hot breakfast sandwiches in hand, we wandered the stores and streets before heading to wait to watch the parade. We watched very little of the parade (because of the fact that we could not see anything), but we did do a heck of a lot of people watching. That in and of itself made the experience interesting. 

He gave looks at me and maybe at the other crazy individuals. I just giggled.

After seeing the tip tops of flags and hearing bag pipers, we had enough of attempting to see the parade. It would've been better to be farther north or south along the path of the parade, but of course we had to be in the middle. We decided to check out the Bean, see the river, and grab lunch and drinks at the Grand Lux Cafe which overlooks Michigan Avenue.


The whole gang.

A little walk over the bridge and river couldn't have looked better. 

After lunch and drinks, we headed up towards our own neighborhood and spent time on Clark Street near Wrigley Field. Cops with cigars, interesting wardrobe choices, and lots of music and happiness overflowed onto the streets. Goose Island had our hearts, filling us with food and beer all afternoon. We ended the long day with a nightcap at our all-time favorite pizza place, Pizza Rustica. Try it once. You'll thank me.

St. Patty's Day in Chicago was simply the best. Lots of people-watching, odd waiting-in-line-for-the-bathroom conversations, probably too much food and drink for one person in a day, and just the right amount of story-telling and laughter. It's moments like these where my heart is happy and I just feel lucky. 

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