Monday, January 14, 2013

valentine's day heart attack (in a jar)

It's never to early to start those Valentine's Day crafts, right? I sure hope not, as it has me really quite excited. I have been craft-deprived.

I will be adventuring on my first business trip the week before Valentine's Day and I couldn't be more excited (hello Boca Raton). This, however, means I will be separated from my love for longer than I'd like. I arrive back to Chicago late on Valentine's Day, so we will be faux celebrating the next day. I figured this trip was the perfect excuse to a "countdown"....many craft-based and love-centered gifts will be included.

The first of many ideas is the Valentine's Day Heart Attack. It sounds strange, but it's about to be a whole bunch of adorable coming right at you.

The idea originated from a photo with a box full of hearts. Producing guessed it, heart attack. Or as some may say, an attack of hearts.

Here's my version:

Instead of just including a bunch of blank hearts, I wanted to write on each one. Something I love about my man - looks, personality, things about us a couple, etc. It all started with cutting out a bunch of hearts out of scrap scrapbook paper. And I mean a bunch. Then, I took my time writing things out to include in my heart attack.

Once I wrote out many, many reasons, it was time for assembly. Instead of a box, I wanted to use a small jar I had decorated that was begging to be utilized. I used a red glitter/glue mixture and did an ombre paint technique along the bottom of the jar before Christmas, but never got around to finding a use for the cute thing. This small jar was perfect for a bunch of small hearts. 

I mixed up the patterns of paper, began layering, and filled the jar till it was full.

I added a cut out heart on top with some double sided tape and wrote "attack" on it. A little bit of ribbon and this project is complete.

If you are looking for some inspiration on what to write on your hearts, here are a few of the things I included (some are more generic and some definitely are not):

  • the way you support my dreams, no matter how big
  • you are always willing
  • pillow and blanket floor parties
  • you know how to have fun
  • you never give up
  • your misspelled words
  • your eyes
  • the way you love to figure out how things work or are done
  • you make me feel important
  • the way you act as a sounding board
  • how you care about how you look
  • the amount of whipped cream you use
  • your good heart
  • your determination to make a good and worthwhile life for us
  • that you want a "forever" too
  • how there is always room for a snack
  • how you make people laugh
  • when you break out your dance moves
  • the tuft of hair that sometimes sticks up
Take your time with the hearts. It's important to be thoughtful and think things through. Afterall, if you're going to give someone a heart attack, you might as well make it good. <3

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