Wednesday, January 30, 2013

a gifts countdown to valentine's day

A countdown will begin in about a week for Valentine's Day. Jacob should enjoy opening these little gift ideas throughout the week leading up until Valentine's Day. Some are totally small, some are cheesy, some are from the heart. Some ideas I borrowed, while some are Ashley originals. Feel free to borrow them too. :)

a small display of love

Day 2: Donut you know I love you a whole bunch? 
This day's gifts will include donut holes for breakfast and Donut-Shop Coffee K-Cups. 

Day 3: Surround yourself in love.....or in pizza or burgers. Enjoy dinner!
Since I'll be gone, some money in a cute homemade envelope will be perfect for a dinner out.

Day 4: You send me over the MOON.
A 6 pack of Blue Moon, a favorite. You could also use a play on "roses are red, violets are blue."

Day 5: You melt my heart <3
A Valentine's Day s'more with heart-shaped pink Peeps instead of marshmallows. 

Day 6: Orange you glad we are lovers?
Orange juice for breakfast! Good ole' regular oranges or something orange flavored would work too.

A literal attack of hearts.

Day 8: Make a little love today.
Paired vodka with cranberry juice. Really just combining two things that go together and marry well.

Day 9: Nothing clever here, as this will actually be Valentine's Day and this is an actual gift. 
A handmade crafted wooden ring box from Etsy - thoughtful, practical, and homemade - can't get better than that!

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