Monday, December 31, 2012

2012. A Year in Review.

I always do a Year in Review on the blog I've had for nearly ten years. This year is no different. 

I'm in my pajamas on my couch so excited for this night and this next year. I just got done watching New Years Eve (cheesy and I love it), and I'm just content and happy. 

Before my year in review, I have to share a quick story and some photos. In May, Jacob and I road tripped it to NYC with the ideas and intentions of living there shortly. We shortly discovered it was going to be quite hard to settle in as someone starting out in a career. Ultimately and clearly we did not end up in New York. I did forget about one stop along the way on that trip. We went to the main "center" or hub of Times Square. They have bathrooms in there that are clean (thank goodness) and always have some kind of something on display. During that trip, Jacob and I wrote wishes on the confetti that gets dropped in Times Square tonight. It makes me smile knowing that my dream and wish will fall near someone in love, someone who is trying to discover themselves, and someone that is hopeful. I also especially love that my wish then is still my wish now.

Now for my review.

It's so much fun to see where you've come from in a years time. Here's how far I've come:

Jacob turned 23, and had a birthday countdown the week before. He also had ridiculously long hair for a show and some facial hair to boot. (January, last week of the month)

I started another blog (this one!) - The One Where She Dreams - to act as my creative outlet with recipes, crafts, and DIY projects. (February) I also reached my 10,000 page view goal in December.

We celebrated Valentine's Day in a little French restaurant along a quaint town near Lake Michigan. (February 14 weekend)

St. Patty's Day was filled with green beer, sparkly shoes (which I'll be rocking a silver pair tonight), and friends. (March 17)

My beautiful and favorite aunt, my Aunt Kathy, passed away from Alzheimer's. I missed her so much. (April)
Jacob and I started painting and packing. Not really sure of what our future held (although we thought it would be NYC), but knowing that it wasn't in Michigan anymore. (April)

Jacob performed in his last play at our university and he graduated with his Bachelor's degree in theatre performance. (April)

We road tripped it to NYC in hopes of finding housing and jobs. I met Hillary, did a few interviews, and learned how difficult it would be to be settled in NYC as an entry-level gal.(May)

Life changed quickly. We moved out of our apartment. We were "homeless" for two weeks. We decided NYC wasn't for us (although it will completely and always hold a special place in my heart) and took our hearts and home to Chicago instead. With multiple trips for interviews and apartment hunting, two weeks later we were on our way to start anew in a big city.(June, with moving in our apartment on June 16)

We moved in. Jacob found a job at Chipotle within two weeks. I spent 8 hours a day applying for jobs. I applied for over 200 jobs. I interviewed for over 20. It was the hardest thing I've done to not give up. After 6 intense weeks, I landed the job of my dreams. In the meantime, Jacob and I took the city by storm and worked on experiencing everything possible. (June - August)
We are a short 15 minute walk from the harbor, beach, and Lake Michigan.

A view of our first Chicago apartment.

We walked down the street and watched the Gay Pride Parade. We learned we live in a neighborhood that is supportive and full of love for these guys and gals. (June)

We celebrated the 4th of July with bbq, friends, and fireworks. (July)

We loved our trips to Lincoln Park Zoo, where we discovered our favorite view of the city. (July)

We enjoyed the Taste of Chicago, and explored in areas downtown we hadn't done before. (July)

We traveled north to a new neighborhood and saw Here Come The Mummies in concert. It was strangely fun. (July)

Family visited us in our new "home" and donuts were the talk of the trip. (August)

I turned 24. I knew I had a job but knew I had about two weeks of downtime before it all began. I celebrated with my love and with friends. (August 17)

I also learned I could rock a sock bun.

We sat with our feet in the sand and water in view of downtown Chicago to watch the Air and Water Show. (August 18)

I started my job as a communications coordinator for a professional association for defense lawyers. I am in love with absolutely everything I do. (Started August 29. Have passed my "probationary" period and am now a grown up---benefits, PTO, started a 401K for myself.)

Fall, our favorite season, was amazing in the city. We went to museums, parks, new restaurants. Truly exploring it all. (September and October)

Outside Adler Planetarium.

We saw our first Broadway show, I Love Lucy, with my parents. (October)

Lincoln Park Zoo with a fall downtown view.

We successfully started a Thanksgiving tree, which we wrote down what we were thankful for through the month of November.

A dear college friend got married, and I got to see many of the people I was close with. (October)

The holidays swept in quickly and took over my life (in a good way). I embraced living in a place that had an endless amount of holiday activities. We were able to go back to Michigan for Thanksgiving and Christmas and were able to see people we love and often miss. (November and December)

Our Christmas card photo.

Magnificent Mile Lights Parade. (November, the weekend before Thanksgiving)

A quick trip to Michigan for Thanksgiving. My favorite pup, Heather's Rolo. (November)

We got our first real Christmas tree together (Jacob's first all together) and Jacob carried it a mile home. (November)

Christkindlmarket. (November)

Zoo Lights with my love and my friend. (December)

We caught the Nutcracker and the Grinch in about a weeks time. (December)

We had more family visit, this time to enjoy the holidays. (December)


We hit up Winter WonderFest on Navy Pier. (December)


Our first snowfall. (December 25)

This year has been amazing, and I know 2013 will only be more grand. No official resolutions per se, but here are the goals and things I'd like to accomplish this next year.
  • Travel on my 2 work trips. Reach the one year mark at my job. Teach myself something new.
  • Find and move into a nicer apartment. Must have bigger kitchen. Dishwasher preferable. Dog friendly a must.
  • Add a dog to our family. We've been looking into breeds for quite some time and think we've found something perfect for an apartment and city lifestyle.
  • Help Jacob along with his acting dreams. Whether he continue applying for Masters programs, see more plays and musicals at theatres, or get involved with a production, he needs and deserves something. 
  • Create new blogging goals. Do a giveaway. Do more crafty posts.
  • Take at least 2 trips within the year. Big or small, I miss traveling and adventure. 
  • Make a point to do something new once a month. I live in a city that offers abundant exploration. Do something at least once a month that has been on my "list."
  • Save more. Think more of my future. Sometimes ignore all of that and be impulsive.

I'd say they are all attainable and all good things. I truly have been blessed with the most amazing year full of things I didn't expect or know I wanted. I'm hoping 2013 is very much of the same.