Tuesday, November 6, 2012

admit one ticket box

I admit, I'm one of those people who starts dreaming up Christmas present ideas in September. This was made in September I think. Forgive me? :)

Shhh. This is for Jacob! (He has been told not to go reading this blog till after Christmas!)

I was walking around a neighborhood art festival here in Chicago and saw this old-looking art piece that said "admit one" with a slot in the top to insert tickets. I thought this was the most amazing thing ever, and decided I needed to do this. Little did I know the world had discovered or created similar things! I looked at a few bloggers projects, and decided to do things my own way.

I knew this would be the perfect gift for Jacob. He is an actor and loves the theatre (as do I!) and what could be a better way to present tickets to a show?

Here's how I made my "Admit One" Ticket Box:

My closest Michael's in Chicago is set up very different than my old one, so I couldn't find exactly what I wanted. What to do instead? Improvise! I took chipboard letters and glittered them red, as that was the look  I was after. 

The necessary supplies just included a paint tray, paintbrush, red glitter from Martha, and trusty mod podge. Whenever I glitter, I make a "glitter paint" by mixing the loose glitter and mod podge. I've found that by just sprinkling loose glitter on mod podge/glue, it leaves a crazy mess even much after the project is done. I like this technique much better. 


With red glittered letters drying and out of the way, I then had to consider the box. All the projects I saw used an actual shadow box or frame and someone sawed into it to create a slot. I didn't have that option, so improvise again! 

I found this awesome shadow box frame from Michael's. It was the only shadow box that had a sliding contraption along the top (most load via the back). This is the closest I'd get to my vision for this project, so I bought it.  

Showing how the top opens and you can load things in via the top.

Now the back of this shadow box was was black but looked kind of cheap. The frame was a 12 x 12, so the simplest and easiest answer was finding scrapbook paper. I found the perfect piece that was black velvet...again the very classic theatre theme I was going for. I attached the "admit one" title with hot glue along the top. 

I also glued the page to the original backing for stronger support. And here's the final look:

Although the box would be a perfect gift all on its own, as we see a ton of shows and have some amazing experiences and opportunities, this present wouldn't be complete without some show tickets. 

I'm so excited! I can't wait for him to open this and see what he thinks of his presents from his Ms. Santa. :)


  1. This is an awesome idea Ashley! I think I might be making one of these for my sister for Christmas!

  2. And I made it! Thanks again for the idea. Check mine out here: It turned out a lot like yours!