Thursday, November 1, 2012

a thanksgiving tree

I decided that with as many leaps and bounds I've made this year in terms of success and happiness, we needed a Thanksgiving tree. 

Something we can utilize to take a moment throughout the month and season and recognize what we're thankful for. I plan on keeping all of these tags to commemorate the season. 

Here's how I approached this project, but I think it's something everyone should incorporate into their Thanksgiving festivities. 

I first took a vase full of black rocks (from my family vacation in Hawaii) from my bedroom to repurpose for the project. 

I grabbed some brown and orange ribbon from my scrapbook stash and did some layering/tied some bows. 

Branches are few and far between, but I found a few on a walk around my Chicago neighborhood. I put them in the vase, and the branches have enough curves to hold our" "tags of thanks." **Since photographing, I've found more sticks along my outdoor adventures!**

Again, I turned to my scrapbooking stash for paper. I used scrap pieces and created some tags. Punched a small hole in each tag and used stashed ribbon so the tags can hang off of the branches. 

Today (November 1st) it all begins. Whenever we feel thankful or need the reminder of what we are thankful for, the tags are ready for our thoughts.

I can't wait for Thanksgiving to arrive when we can re-read all the things we've acknowledged that we are thankful for. I think this will be such a sweet tradition to keep.  

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