Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"doing dishes" themed wedding gift

I'm a sucker for a theme. I think this applies to every area of my life. It's better when things in life "go together". That's what I always say. Or think at least. 

If I can focus on something in particular for structure, I will. This especially applies to presents. 

When I knew my friend Kristen (KB!) was getting married in October, I browsed her gift registry. With a quick view I came up with a "doing dishes" theme. See, I told you their had to be a theme!

She had registered for sink mats, a dish scrubber, and a dish rack, all of which I purchased. This was the basis of the whole idea. 

Then came a fun part two: a gift card for a restaurant. I made a simple pouch out of scrapbook paper in lovely muted colors, utilized a brad to make a type of closure, and attached ribbon to the flap of the pouch to keep it shut. On the front I wrote "and for when you don't feel like doing dishes...". Since this is "doing dishes" themed, I thought it was the perfect little something extra that tied it all together. And who doesn't love dinner out? 

Add in a personalized card, full of advice and well wishes on love and marriage. 

I could have placed it all in the plain white bag I had lying around, but that's not my style. 

I lightly drew with pencil a floral design, complete with names and wedding date. A bit of time, creativity, and fun led to a wonderful fall-inspired look done with acrylic paints. 

With bits of white and red tissue peaking out from the top, this present makes me smile. I hope the bride and groom feel the same way! 

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