Monday, September 3, 2012

fall yarn wrapped wreath

It all started with the desire for a fall wreath. 

With slightly dreary, grey days and excitement for my favorite season, I have been dying to decorate for fall. Now that it's September, the season is approaching and I am ever so ready for everything it brings. Rich colors, changing leaves, cool air, boots, warm drinks, snuggling. The works. 

My other favorite thing? Bringing out decor and filling my home with love and warmth. That's exactly what this wreath screams. 

Couldn't have an easier, cost effective project!

It all started with a wreath found at the Dollar Store and some red yarn from Michaels. 

Leaving the plastic wrapping on the wreath, I tied a knot around the wreath with the yarn and got to wrapping. 

It was a bit tedious, but nothing you couldn't do while having a Sex and the City marathon. 

Then came the fun. A variety of felt flowers to embellish the whole thing. 

Three pieces of felt for three different types of felt flowers. For a how-to on how I did all the flowers, click here.

And viola! 

Fall wreath accomplished! I added in some fabric leaves to balance everything out. And I love the contrast of color and flower type. Making a wreath with at least three varieties is the way to go. 

It's safe to say I'm ready to decorate. I think the wreath is going up first. 

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