Thursday, September 20, 2012

fall decor

Everybody loves a little holiday decor! Decorating really thrives in my household once fall hits, as it's the time of year that my heart really loves. Here's a few shots of decor in my apartment!

I keep these trees up all year long, as I love the twinkle. A little orange scroll-patterened ribbon and some unfinished Martha Stewart acorns painted and sparkled make for a fall fun tree!

I love this painting! I saw a similar pattern and painted it on the gift bag of a wedding gift for an upcoming wedding I'm attending. The floral pattern turned out so well, I decided to mimic it on a canvas. A little autumn splendor helps remind me why I love this season! I also crafted up these pumpkins last year found at Michaels. Crackled, glittered, and "boo" in buttons. 

You can see my paint chip artwork hanging in the dining room. They look perfect for fall, although the colors were chosen for the room, not for the season!

See the floral pattern on the gift bag? That's the wedding gift I was talking about. It'll be featured here soon, as I came up with another fun themed wedding gift!


Cozy and cute decorations all around. Once October hits, I will pull out the strictly Halloween decorations, which Jacob is more excited about than me, so I have a feeling he will take charge with all of that. :)

Anyways, welcome to my fall home. :)

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