Tuesday, August 7, 2012

closet doors: from drab to fab

Our apartment in Chicago is cute and quaint--perfect to start with after relocating to the city.

One plus is we have tons of closet space...a front closet, a linen closet, a large "storage" closet, and an entire wall of closets in the bedroom. While this is fabulous (it truly is--I have a lot of stuff!), the entire wall of closets in the bedroom is quite blah.

Witness it here:

The closets are awesome, but the view of the entire wall is not. 

Enter project: closet doors: from drab to fab. I mentioned hanging ribbon from each door to Jacob and he suggested using fabric. This was a perfect idea, because I bought royal blue fabric a long time ago in hopes of using it for pillows or something. (Royal blue is one of our original and continuing bedroom colors.) That clearly never happened, so fabric it was!

Let's set the mood:

Sleepless in Seattle. I had a Nora Ephron movie marathon day when she passed.

I gathered what little supplies I needed. And everything I needed I had on hand, making this a free project.

What You Need:
Large ruler
Writing utensil (like a scrapbooking marker)
Fabric (hello, royal blue!)

I took the remnant of fabric I had and measured what it was. I had 8 doors to do, and the piece was around 18 inches, so 2 inches in width per strip would do. I marked it out, drew some lines, and snipped away. 

Next came the fun part--actually putting them in the door slats. I did one at a time. I fed the top of the fabric strip into the slat, reached around the other side, and made a "knot" in the fabric to hold it. I did this to each of the doors before tucking the bottom of the fabric strip into the bottom slat. 

The finished look: 

I like how it looks! The bits of color break up a rather large blah wall, so I can't complain. Jacob has made the suggestion to add buttons down them, which sounds intriguing. The other colors in our room are cream, black, and silver, so I think these closets are about to get even more fabulous. 

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