Monday, August 13, 2012

bathroom cabinet transformation

Sometime in high school I got this small white cabinet for my bedroom. I used it as a side bedroom table, as it was the perfect height. It also did double duty as a clothes hamper, as the front knob pulled out an entire drawer. Bonus. (I do not do clothes in a hamper where you can see the clothes---I can't handle the mess!)

Well, that very cabinet is still with me today and is housed in my bathroom.

It's cute, fairly small so it doesn't take up space. but very white. My old apartment was covered with color, as I painted the walls bright royal blue and deep roasted red. I'm not painting any walls here, so I'll take color where I can get it! 

Here was my free furniture project that made the world of difference!

I set up my work station in the living room (hello apartment living) and got to work. 

A couple coats of white primer made the cabinet not so sheen, which was very welcomed! I could have skipped this step, but this poor thing was in dire need of a few coats. In high school I was painting my nails and set my soaked cottonball on the table. Needless to say, it left me a nice paint void reminder so I'd never forget! 

After the primer came my roasted pepper red color from my old apartment. It always pays to save those remnants! I decided to keep things simple and paint a portion of the trim around the top of the cabinet and the inlay portion on the front of the cabinet drawer. 

The simple addition of color made all the difference! It looks fantastic, and magically matches the color scheme I picked for my bathroom. 

Sometimes all a piece of old, slightly sad furniture needs is a bit of attention. It can make a world of difference! 

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