Monday, July 23, 2012

soupbox/icebox: a chicago restaurant review

In my United States travels looking for "my" city, I found this amazing little restaurant in Chicago, the place I now I call home.

I originally purchased a Groupon and decided we would use it on one of our many visits prior to living in the city. And boy, did we love it. 

Soupbox has two locations in the city: one downtown (50 E Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL) and one a bit farther north (2943 N Broadway, Chicago, IL), which is actually closer to my current Lakeview neighborhood.

The restaurant boasts about making 12 soups daily. The 12 soups every day aren't the same--they show up on a rotating basis. So every day there is something "new". Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options are available. Soups are made every day with fresh ingredients and are served out of huge pots that simply look cool. 

Outside of soup, salads and grilled cheese sandwiches are abundant. On our first visit, we walked into the restaurant where someone greeted us instantly and let us know we could sample anything we wanted, which is a nice touch! We didn't sample anything, but  Jacob got a bowl of lobster bisque soup, a hunk of sourdough bread (which comes with the soup), and a grilled cheese sandwich that had ham and mozzarella. I had a bowl of tomato basil bisque, a hunk of sourdough bread, and a grilled cheese sandwich with good ole' cheddar cheese.  

We had no complaints, finished everything, and secretly wished we had more! The soup was divine--both of ours. And the grilled cheese was very good. The restaurant is on the smaller side, but perfect for lunch. I can't wait for the fall to experience this place (yum soup in the cool weather).

Soup seems to range from $5 to $8, depending on the size you get. Salads are between $5 and $7. A grilled cheese is $3.50, or $2.50 when you purchase a soup.

So would we go back? Yes. Did we go back? Yes.

We also visited the N Broadway's location to go to Icebox. Icebox is inside Soupbox and during the summer months they serve hand-dipped Italian ices. These are made daily with fresh ingredients in house, which is similar to their philosophy and style on the rest of their food. 

Jacob tried strawberry and I tried raspberry. (I went back recently and got two flavors in my cup...cherry and mango. Also amazing!)

I'd say we were pleased! The hand-dipped variety beats anything you can get at a store. The fresh fruit pieces I found throughout truly made it. With these 90 degree days, this couldn't be a better treat.

I also found out they deliver in the fall/winter months. I can't wait.

Soupbox/Icebox: a new found Chicago favorite.

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