Thursday, May 24, 2012

picture frame dry erase board

As I am packing my life away into boxes (good-bye scrapbooking and craft supplies!) I've realized what we use often. Our dry erase boards---a calendar and a blank one we write our weekly menu on. These are things that are still left on the fridge as the rest of the apartment is quite frankly, a mess.

I know things become popular through the crafting and online world, but I honestly never saw dry erase boards made using picture frames. It wasn't until my sister did this project that I realized these existed, and that the dry erase board could now be cute!

(Here's mine!)

As I was packing up my dining room to paint it back to white (good-bye roasted pepper red), I had these two brown frames that housed Italy pictures from when I studied abroad. Although smaller, they were perfect for this project. 

I picked up 2 sheets of 8 1/2 by 11 scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby, measured it, and cut it to fit inside the frame. 

Once the basics were in place, I wanted a little something extra. I searched through my scrapbooking supplies to see if I could find the right embellishments. 

After making selections and measuring everything out, voila!

Simple, beautiful looking all on their own, and cheap to create! I used everything I had, minus the paper (which was far below $1). If I picked something from my stash, this would've been a free project. I'm even using the dry erase markers that went with the old dry erase boards. 

I can't wait to hang these up in our future apartment!

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