Thursday, April 12, 2012

twine wrapped mason jars

They are gorgeous and simple and classic. Some may even say timeless. I think that's what I love about them. They will never go out of style.

This is a slightly older project from last summer, but definitely a labor of love and something I still cherish. My sister, Heather, got married last August and was looking for centerpiece inspiration. She wanted to utilize mason jars and didn't mind doing some do-it-yourself work, so off she went to find something she liked. She found her inspiration here.

It is a great tutorial and featured mason jars in a slightly different way than she had seen them before. With the help of the tutorial, we created over 30 large jars, along with some smaller ones with a slightly different look.

All you need are jars in the size of your liking (she got hers from family and from garage sales for cheap!), twine (huge rolls from Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon), ribbon (in one of her wedding colors), and a hot glue gun, which is the way we decided to attach the twine and ribbon.

Her jars didn't match perfectly in size or style, but it didn't affect how we attacked this project. We decided we were covering the bulk of the jar, and specifically the printed logos on them.

When looking at a clean mason jar, I started gluing and attaching the twine from the top right corner of the jar. Once I glued the starting point down, I simply just continued squeezing a line of hot glue out and wrapping the twine around the jar towards the bottom of the jar in a clockwise motion. When I reached the bottom of the area we wanted covered, I started to create a wrapped around pattern.

The pattern is hard to describe, but essentially it's a diagonal pattern. I started on the bottom front and did the pattern wrapped around the jar from there. I glued everything along the way of course at this point too. I did it about five times, and ended the pattern where I started. 

We grabbed green ribbon to tie around each with a bow to complete the look. 

The big jars held the flower bouquets at each table. In addition to these big ones, my sister had some smaller jars that she wanted to put tealights in. These ones were done a little bit different, but gorgeous. Wrapped twine, a bit of lace, and green ribbon. 

Even after the wedding, I still love the way they look. I have three of the large jars and one of the small. The small one holds tealights like it was intended too. One of the large one holds a fake bouquet of flowers. I have two left now with no purpose beyond being perfect for spring decor. 

My next project to make a better purpose for them. I plan on melting some old candles for the wax and to fill the two jars to make larger candles. 

There is always a way to transform the purpose of something into something new, which is good, because I'm not quite ready to give these up yet. 

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