Monday, April 23, 2012

monogrammed canvas (or: personalizing anything)

Personalizing things makes them your own. Personalizing things is one of my favorite things. You can always find a treasure while shopping or at a garage sale, and there is always a way to make it your own.

I love damask (as is evident by my bedspread above), and I found this blank small canvas for $2.50 in the front area at Target this past fall. I didn't know what I wanted to do with it, but I wanted it. Come on. It was black velvet!

For the longest time, it sat. I thought about trying to put a picture on it or hand-stitching into the canvas something. And again, it sat. I finally decided to personalize it with my initial with buttons. I'd seen a lot of canvas art involving this, and with this being so small I knew it would be easy. And personalizing is something I love! I have an "A" decorative glass decor piece in my bathroom, and a black glittered "A" and "J"  in my bedroom. 

First off, I wanted the canvas to sit upright like a picture frame. The canvas had a hardware attachment for hanging on a wall, and it also came with a stick. I stuck the stick into the hardware, and figured out what angle I wanted the canvas to sit at. Once I found an angle I felt comfortable with, I made sure the hardware was bent to reflect the angle I picked. 

I took the stick out, flipped the canvas over, and stenciled an "A" that I liked. I had a stash of red buttons in my scrapbooking supplies, so I just started playing around with them over the stenciled "A" till I figured out a formation I liked. I used my hot glue gun to apply the buttons. Once I was done with the front of the canvas, I took my hot glue gun to the hardware on the back. After liberally applying it to the hardware, I was able to shove the stick back in at the angle I chose to really secure it in there. 

Simple, but gorgeous (to me at least!). You can even see in on my craft table still. Along with my gorgeous fabric banner and tissue rosette wreath. And a million other projects. I promise now it's much cleaner!

This simple projects makes my heart happy every time I see it, because it's mine. 

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  1. Love it. That frame is the perfect size!