Tuesday, April 17, 2012

how to reuse old candles

Do you ever accumulate half-used candles that you have no idea what to do with? Have you ever had a candle wick get buried in the candle-burning process?

I had a Christmas tree shaped candle that I had no idea how to burn without the wax getting everywhere. I was tempted to throw it away, until I saw an online blog post on how to make your own candles. That tutorial was about buying the wax, essential oils, etc. I took the easier route since I had my candle, but the process was easy! This could even work well for making your own candles for gifts for others.

I grabbed the twine wrapped mason jars that I had lying around, the Christmas tree candle I had, a package of wicks that I bought at Michaels, and an extra pot that I grabbed at Goodwill just in case this process got messy. 

I grabbed a little piece of sticky wax and attached it at the bottom of wick to secure the wick more firmly to the bottom of the jar. This probably could've been skipped or glue could've been used. 

After pushing the bottom disk of the wick to the bottom center of the jar, I used a pen to wrap the top of the wick around. This helped keep the wick centered before I poured the wax into the jar. 

I used a double boiler system to melt the candle wax. I filled a pot with water, got it to boiling, and then stuck in my slightly smaller pot from Goodwill. With the huge candle in place, it slowly started to melt the wax. Because of the odd shape, it took awhile to melt. But you could also do this process with multiple candles or you could add in scents. 

I got the mason jar in place inside my sink in case of any spills. 

Once all the wax was melted, it was go time.

Make sure to pour the wax in slowly, so no air pockets or bubbles form. My one large Christmas tree candle filled the jar perfectly. I tried not to check on it too often, and let it fully harden overnight. 

And voila! A perfect re-purpose for the twine wrapped mason jar and a way to re-use those oddly shaped old candles. 


  1. I may have to try this one day! I just started burning candles since the old place we weren't allowed to do so!

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  2. Google Friends Connect has been added!