Wednesday, April 25, 2012

diy glitter ombre nails tutorial

Seriously sparkly. Seriously gorgeous. Seriously fun. And totally do-it-yourself appropriate. 

Glitter is something I use all the time. I'm obsessed. (Ask my boyfriend and he will agree.) I love nail polish. I love nail polish that has glitter in it. I'll sometimes do a solid base color with a glittered tip. This idea of using loose glitter and creating an ombre effect is one that appealed to me, and I decided to give it a whirl while watching Hairspray last Friday night. 

It's easy.

Basically, you give yourself a general manicure to start--take off any polish, cut, buff, file, etc. Then grab your base color (if you choose to have one), clear polish, loose glitter (thank you Martha Stewart), and an eyeshadow brush that usually comes with eyeshadow palettes you buy. I wrapped a small dish with tin foil for ease on clean up. 

I have seen the glittered ombre effect done multiple ways, but this is how I did it and it worked well for me. I picked a base red color and paired it with bronze glitter--very glam. I painted my nails the base red color and let them dry pretty completely. Using my small tin foil covered plate, I made a small pile of glitter (this was beyond enough!) and a small pool of clear nail polish (to the left of the glitter, and barely noticeable). 

Once the nails are basically dry, it's time to glitter! A dip in the clear nail polish and a dip in the glitter should do the trick.


Now how you do this next part takes practice and probably is dependent on your own preferences. I started on one hand and focused on that hand only. I wanted my glittered ombre effect to start from the tip of my nail and slowly disperse towards the bed of my nail. 

With this in mind, I used the glitter polish concoction and began painting my nails like I was giving myself a french manicure---focusing the glitter the heaviest around the tips of my nails. Once I did that, I used the brush to make the glitter slowly "trickle" down towards my nail beds. Each nail won't be the same, but that's the beauty of it. There is enough sparkle that no one will notice anyhow. 

I let this dry and harden a bit, but then I applied two coats of clear polish to top it and smooth it off. The next morning I added another, totaling three top coats. This made them super shiny and smooth.

These are hard to photograph a bit (because of the glitter), but I love them! They are different, elegant, and so much fun. The color combination possibilities are endless! (I even had a grown man examining them, so you know they are cool.)

Oh, and I did my toenails too. :) The sparkle in the sunshine is to die for.

Do you think you would rock this look? Would you try it? If you do, please show me the colors and techniques you used! I'm ready to try it in a few more combinations myself. 

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  1. Black with white glitter, although it looks almost green in contrast! Love this tutorial, now my nails are prom-worthy! :)