Thursday, March 15, 2012

the one with the glitter heels

I think I belong in the Emerald City. <3

Glitter heels are not a new thing. I've seen them in stores (hello, Target!) and all over the internet (hello, Pintrest!). Frankly, I am a glitter girl. I wear it, I craft with it, I live it. I have entire drawer of glitter. So wanting to own glitter shoes should not come as a surprise. 

My inspiration is wide spread. I've seen just glitter heels and I've even seen pops of glitter under shoes. 

I, however, was going for something a bit more blingy for the upcoming green holiday. 

This is how I glitterfied my heels:

First, I started with my "ingredients". If you have a pair of "old" heels or ones you don't love and want to change, great. But I'm attached my countless pairs, so I picked up a pair of comfortable heels for $6 at Goodwill. The rest, I had. I used Martha Stewart decoupage glue and sealer (it's clear in color), a bottle of green paint I had, bright green emerald glitter, and various sponge and regular paint brushes.

Seriously, look at that green!

Now, if you were glittering just one section of your shoe, I would probably tape it off for accuracy. Since I was going all in, I didn't need to (or was too lazy too...). I started off using a sponge brush to paint three layers of green paint. This helped since the shoes were originally blue, and the green base helped make it less noticeable if I missed any spots. 

One layer. (the garage bag was completely unnecessary, as I just let the paint get on my hands later)

Three layers.

This took maybe only 20 or 30 minutes? I was watching a show while doing it. I would do one shoe, move on to the next, and by the time I was done with that one the other would be ready to go again. 

Then I prepared my glitter/glue mixture. I poured the clear glue (I'm sure you could use the regular stuff too, or even modge podge) into the sections and sprinkled glitter on top to cover the section, then mixed it together with a brush. Then the slightly longer tedious part came: glitter/gluing them.

One coat.

I ended up doing about 3 coats total. This part takes a bit longer to dry. I would do a layer on each and then continue to do another layer and another layer. I did this over a large piece of drawing paper. If you decide to do each layer continuously, watch them as they sit upright, as the glitter/glue mixture will slightly slide down the heel (this only happen really on the heel itself). If you let each layer dry in between, you shouldn't have any problem.

I did this project in the evening, and let them really set overnight. When I woke up bright and early this morning, I checked them and they looked perfect! I'm sure if I wanted to be absolutely picky, I could go over them again. 

The technique I used is frankly awesome. The glitter is in the glue, so you aren't going to leave a trail behind. I know in some of the other tutorials I saw they did the glitter/glue mixture, then poured glitter over the shoe to cover it. After doing that and shaking the excess off, they sealed it with just the clear glue. You could do this as well, but I think the way I did it worked wonders.

I guess I've got my green for this weekend...


  1. They look like they could belong in the emerald city. they turned out so cute!

  2. This is amazing Ashley. I LOVE glitter too! and so want to do this project soon. I am thinking I have to do pink though. :-) Smart thinking with the goodwill heels - it is so hard to find comfortable new ones!