Thursday, March 1, 2012

gorgeous fabric banner

You can't tell me that's not beautiful. (Seriously, you can't. I won't believe you even if you try.) 

I saw the idea floating around the blogosphere and found it to be gorgeous. I didn't know where I would hang it or the colors I would use, but I wanted it to be mine.

It was easy, a fairly cheap project, and simply lovely.

I picked the fabric colors I did because I wanted to match them to this:

I found these in the Target "dollar spot" section for Easter/springtime. I have two little lit trees that currently have decoupaged hearts that desperately need a replacement. So that's where the project started.

The only thing I needed to buy was a "jelly roll" of fabric from Hobby Lobby. With a 40% off coupon it was between $8-9. The rest, I had. If you are a sewer or work with fabric, use your own scraps and make the project even thriftier! The nice thing about the jelly roll in my case is that all the fabric matched and coordinated.

To start, you unroll your jelly roll to reveal the fabulous fabric you picked.

You will use the entire jelly roll for a decent sized banner. Take one piece of your fabric, but don't un-do it. The way it is wrapped in the jelly roll makes each strip of fabric 2 layers essentially, so when you look at both sides of the fabric, you see the nice side.

Once you grab your first piece of fabric, cut it directly down the center, leaving you with 2 long strips of fabric.

Start with one piece of fabric.

Cut it into two long strips.

And notice that you have nice fabric on both sides because it is layered.

Do this to every single strip of fabric in the bunch, and you are left with 4 strips of each fabric pattern. (The pack comes with 2 strips of each, and once you cut them all in half, you'll have 4.)

Then comes the fun part: assembly! You can use twine or ribbon to hang your fabric from. I used ribbon I had on hand. Assembling the fabric strips is easiest if the twine/ribbon is hung between something, like 2 of your dining room chairs.

To hang each of your strips of fabric, you will hold each end of the strip together, allowing a loop to form in the middle. Hold the strip behind the twine/ribbon, and pull the ends of the strip through the loop around the ribbon.

Pull tight!

There is one strip done! Once you hang each strip, use your scissors to cut the end of the strip that is still connected. Now, repeat, repeat, repeat. I suggest doing this project while a favorite television show is on (like Criminal Minds!). It's a slightly mindless monotonous step, so it's easy to do while watching something else.

Trust me, the short time it takes will be worth it. It will result in something fantastic.  

Now you can leave it as is, but I once saw someone add ribbons in coordinating colors and added a few myself. After a few added, my banner was complete.

It looks like it ended up coordinating with my Easter/spring find too.

I can see it hanging over a mirror, along my bar in my kitchen, or over a doorway for Easter, through spring, or even outdoors for a summer barbeque gathering. A party. A wedding. This fabric banner idea will make an appearance all throughout my life. (Seriously so many uses!) And now, all I want to do is make more...


  1. pretty ashley! thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the fabric colors you chose, so pretty! (I've been wanting to do this for awhile myself and you've inspired me to try it.)