Tuesday, February 14, 2012

52 reasons why i love you card deck

As love is in the air, this is a perfect time to share this project. I originally saw this idea of a "52 Reasons Why I Love You" card deck through Pintrest last October. I was itching for a project and decided this would be the perfect stocking stuffer for my boyfriend. (As he's a magician, this was even more perfect.)

I adapted and shifted the idea to a reasons why I love you card deck paired up with a coupon book. But the original idea was such an inspiration. This would be the perfect Valentine's Day gift, anniversary gift, or "just because" gift.

Here's the original tutorial that inspired me (click here for the tutorial):

And here is my version:

Now the original is very sleek. She bought a deck of cards specifically because they were vintagey looking. While I love this (I really do), I'm pretty sure my boyfriend wouldn't have noticed or ultimately cared. Her deck that is completely reasons why I love you (which is adorable) is very uniform and precise. Mine is not. But, here is where I took an idea and made it my own.

I started with a set of binder rings and a deck of standard Bicycle cards, both found a Target for a couple dollars a piece. 

I first started by using my own paper hole punch. I used one of the "extra" cards in the deck to create a template. I punched two holes (like above) and used that card to punch every other card in the deck. While a little time consuming, it helps make sure everything remains lined up.

After all the cards were punched, I roughened them up myself. If you have sandpaper, fantastic. If you don't, improvise like I did and use an old nail file. The best of projects happen when become creative, and it achieved the same goal as sandpaper did. 

Now I turned my deck into a reasons why I love you deck paired up with a coupon book. Regardless of how you decide to approach the project, there are a few things that happen next. 

I stuck with black, white, grey, and red in terms of colors, so that is what guided me. I took scrap scrapbook paper for the matted backgrounds and for what I actually wrote on. I took one of my scrap pieces and approximately measured what I though was an appropriate background size. I wanted more of the roughed up pages shown, so I kept it decently small. (Months later, I can't remember the exact measurements, but you get the idea!) After the background is measured, you can figure out what size the paper you will write on should be. And voila! You're done. But not quite.

I put the cards in the order I wanted them in, affixed all the backgrounds and affixed all the paper on top of the backgrounds. I took my list of reasons and coupons (yes, I planned in advance, but you don't have to!) and got to work. This is how my deck looked:

  • reason why I love you
  • coupon
  • filler (which was just an empty card with a piece of background paper on it)
And this continually repeated itself. I made my reasons match the coupons, and highlighted one word in the reason that matched the coupon. The above photo is a good example! The reason? "I love our classic love story. <3" The coupon? "Good for a dinner and a movie date." Which is a classic choice. I love matching. I can't help it.

Once completed with your reasons or coupons or whatever you choose to do, assemble all the cards accordingly. I originally had picked a set of the smaller binder clips, but as I glued and assembled each card, I realized how big the stack was getting!  I was so thankful the set I bought had multiple sizes (which I can later up on different things). 

Because my deck wasn't traditional in the sense of the "52 reasons why I love you", I changed the name to "love you I do", complete with a rhinestone heart and sparkly paper, which is a complete reflection of myself.

And with a few finishing touches, the project was complete. (This was one of my first "Pintrest" projects that I completed, so congratulations to me.)

So whatever you do, make it your own. And spread the love!

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